Unity/Disunity (2013)

Unity/Disunity: An Interdisciplinary Conference

27th & 28th June, 2013, UCL, London

UCL School of European Languages, Culture and Society & UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Supported by the European Institute and Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies

Keynote Speakers

Prof Charles Lock – Professor of English at the University of Copenhagen


Dr Tim Beasley-Murray – Senior Lecturer of European Thought and Culture, SSEES, UCL

The conference features papers by UK-based postgraduate students across a wide spectrum of interests and disciplines whose work offers us perspectives relating to concepts of unity and disunity. In particular, these are papers that interrogate notions of unity and disunity in an interdisciplinary manner and explore the critical possibilities of the theme.

We invite graduate researchers working in fields related to European languages, cultures & society to respond to this critical interrogation, and in doing so, reflect on how concepts of unity and disunity operate in different theoretical contexts, and whether interconnections between various fields may be achieved or disconnections rendered productive.

The conference will be structured into chaired panels whose organisation reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the conference and an attempt to approach ideas of unity and disunity from a variety of theoretical perspectives and across orthodox disciplinary boundaries.

The panels are as follows:

Science, Psychology and the (Dis)unified Self
Social hierarchies across cultures – uniting or dividing?
Disunified time and space
Literary Endeavours Towards Dis/Unity
A unified heritage?
Crisis, Chaos, and Conflict: European Identities in Disarray

Additionally, a selection of papers from the conference will be published online in the inaugural edition of the Journal of European Languages, Cultures, and Society, a multidisiplinary peer-reviewed academic journal based in UCL.

More details can be found at: http://unitydisunity.wordpress.com/

A full conference programme can be found here: http://unitydisunity.wordpress.com/conference-programme/

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