The Society runs and publishes a journal, entitled TroposGraduate students working in these areas are invited to send in proposals for papers or join the editing committee.

The name Tropos derives from the Ancient Greek and is intended to evoke a cluster of meanings. It denotes a particular figure of speech, or a whole mode of rhetoric, but also refers to the spiritual significance concealed behind the literal meaning of religious scripture. The word also indicates a turn or change of direction, and stands for an instantiation of something unrepeatable as opposed to something universal. In this spirit we hope to publish articles that stimulate critical turns of thought and deal with specific phenomena that have the ability to reveal more complex meanings.

Tropos’ inaugral issue can be accessed here.

It presents a selection of papers from an interdisciplinary conference entitled ‘Unity/Disunity’ held at University College London on 27-28 June 2013. The conference, organised by a group of students from the School of European Language, Culture, and Societies (SELCS), the School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES), and the Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry (CMII), featured postgraduate speakers from across the UK as well as keynote addresses from Prof Charles Lock of Copenhagen University and Dr Tim Beasley-Murray of UCL. The research presented at the conference drew on a range of disciplines, and examined a wide variety of subjects, from the role of metaphor in the Hebrew Bible and what neurology can teach us about the unity of consciousness to the challenges of Indian nationalism and the problem of cinematic temporality. We were delighted to partake in the lively and stimulating response provoked by the conference theme and are pleased to be able to share a small portion of it with you here.

The second issue will present papers from our third annual interdisciplinary conference ‘Distance & Proximity’ held at University College London on 26-27 June 2014.

The society, and Tropos, is open to all researchers who are interested in challenging norms and disciplinary divisions, who are willing to critically reflect on culture, literature, art, film, history, philosophy, politics, or any other related field. Our ambition is to cover the subjects encompassed by the rubric Arts and Humanities, taking our cue from the
boundary-crossing work being done in UCL’s SELCS and CMII.

Editing Committee:

  • Agnes Broome (SELCS)
  • Liz Harvey Kattou (SELCS)
  • Niall Sreenan (CMII)
  • Alexandra Lee (SELCS)
  • Stefano Rossoni (CMII)


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