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Keynote: Dr Rosa Mucignat (KCL) – “Far from Where? Perspectives on Place and Comparative Methods”

Dr Rosa Mucignat, Lecturer in Comparative Literature at King’s College London, will be our keynote speaker on Thursday, June 26th. The abstract of her paper titled “Far from Where? Perspectives on Place and Comparative Methods” is now available:

Abstract: In Western modernity, cognitive models and methods of analysis are often described using the optical metaphor of perspective, which was developed as a technique by the visual arts in the Renaissance. Perspective is a tool that allows a sensorially accurate depiction of objects and their positions and proportions in space. Metaphorically, it is associated with the particular attitude or point of view from which an interpretation of reality is made. Depending on the context, distance from an object can be considered as either furthering or impeding critical assessment. This talk will address the use of emotional, intellectual, and spatial proximity as a means of understanding the past in three narratives of place and memory: Claudio Magris’ Danube (1986), W.G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn (1995), andOrhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories and the City (2003).

Rosa Mucignat is Lecturer in Comparative Literature at King’s College London. She works on place in literature and on theories of cultural spaces (region, nation, the global). She is the author of Realism and Space in the Novel, 1795-1869 (Ashgate 2013) and has recently edited the volume The Friulian Language: Identity, Migration, Culture (Cambridge Scholars, 2014).

See Dr Rosa Mucignat’s research profile

“Distance & Proximity” Conference 2014

The Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry is holding its third interdisciplinary postgraduate conference this June, the 26th and 27th. This year’s conference invites postgraduates from a wide spectrum of disciplines to consider the theme(s) of “Distance and Proximity”.

Selected contributions to this year’s conference will be published in the Society’s new journal Tropos, the first issue of which will be published this Spring.

After the success of last year’s “Unity/Disunity” conference, which attracted scholars and postgraduates from all over the UK and Europe, we very much look forward to this year’s conference.

For the full Call for Papers, click here.

Hello and Welcome

This being the very first post of the brand new website and blog of the recently formed Graduate Society for the UCL School of European Language, Culture, and Society, we would first of all like to welcome all SELCS Graduate Students to our website and blog, in which you will find details of all of the activities which come under the organisational and promotional aegis of the SELCS Graduate Society.

The purpose of this website is simply to collate, promote, and reflect on as much of the varied and innovative research work that is being carried out in UCL SELCS, but which may not be immediately visible to Graduate Students and the wider UCL research community. We hope that in doing this, we will bolster the already extensive activities of Graduate Students carrying out work related to European languages, society, and culture. The three main activities which are supported and organised by the Society are as follows:

  • An annual interdisciplinary graduate conference organised by UCL’s Thoughtsforward group – more information here.
  • A fortnightly seminar group in which graduate students are invited to present aspects of ongoing research in an informal setting. Nibbles and refreshments are kindly provided by FIGS.
  • The Journal of European Language, Culture, and Society (JELCS) – a forthcoming open-source, peer-reviewed, graduate journal. We will be inviting submissions on an ongoing basis, as well as inviting graduate students to join the editorial committee.

As our Graduate Society is still in its infancy, we are always looking for more people to get involved in any capacity. If you wish to inform us of any event or activity that in any way relates to or comes under the remit of SELCS, please do contact us.